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ADIoS – Abusable Drugs Investigational Software


ADIoS – Rx-info’s Abusable Drugs Investigational Software – provides NHS Trust Accountable Officers with a robust system for monitoring and reporting on controlled and abusable drugs which is fully compliant with Care Quality Commission requirements.
ADIoS establishes normal usage within each issue point, and raises an alert if there is any abnormal activity. It also provides formatted reports for discussion within a Trust or Local Intelligence Networks, which are archived for future reference.
CD audits can be recorded using the system and mobile devices are fully supported to streamline this process.
Paper-based monitoring systems can be time-consuming to complete and limited in their scope. ADIoS requires around 10 minutes per month to update, providing charts, tables and reports for easy and accurate tracking of individual drugs over time and by hospital, directorate and issue point.
As always, customer support is a key part of the package provided by Rx-info.


ADIoS Case study

Enhanced security and accountability of drug usage at a South West hospital has reduced incidents thanks to ADIoS, a software tool from RX-info that monitors and reports on abusable drugs.

“ADIoS allows us to track the obvious patterns of unusual behaviour,” said a spokesperson for the hospital. “It gives us confidence that we can identify and resolve any suspicious patterns.”

The solution monitors around 200 drug formulations for the hospital, with a simplified visual display that tracks back to hospital ward-level. Viewing the data over a period of time, enables the hospital to ensure the safety and accountability of abusable drugs.

“Twice a month I view the data once the hospital and ePACT prescription data has been uploaded. This allows me to identify incidents to investigate further, so I can find out if its use is legitimate,” added the hospital.

“There are obvious signs that raise questions. Specific drugs that are prone to abuse, drug usage in departments that would have no reason to be using that drug, or high spikes in particular formulations.”

“This data arms me with the knowledge to go and ask the questions. There are many times when the drug simply reappears, having been temporarily misplaced. The system allows us to track drug usage when specific staff who are under observation move hospital locations.”

For the hospital, it is not just a tool to identify theft or misuse, ADIoS ensures compliance. “In one case, we had a sharp increase of a formulation of codeine being used by a surgery team, but they were trying to reduce the intoxication amongst patients by using lower codeine doses.”

“For me, ADIoS is not only a tool to identify abuse, but it helps provide assurance that drugs are being used safely and to an extent can identify adherence with hospital guidelines. Monitoring allows us to follow up some drug orders to ensure that the doctors are prescribing the right drugs, and the ones that the hospital have approved.”

ADIoS goes some way to assuring that a hospital can be compliant with Care Quality Commission requirements, providing a robust system to monitor controlled and divertible medicines. This digital solution enables an efficient, streamlined approach to drug compliance.

Armed with ADIoS, the hospital is able to identify and address unusual ordering trends of controlled and abusable drugs. By viewing data in an easy to access and user friendly format, the user can be more confident that they have robust processes in place to ensure drug safety and compliance.





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